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Students who wish to pursue studies abroad are often subjected to a wide variety of courses and destinations to choose from. But most of the students end up choosing the wrong university and the wrong study destination. This happens due to the lack of proper advice and guidance received by them. Campus India, established in 1993, was among the pioneers to make overseas education popular among the students in Kerala. Today, Campus India has successfully placed more than 1000 Keralite students in various top institutes around the world. Campus India guides students to choose the course most suitable for their aptitude and also provides the necessary assistance in processing their applications to leading institutes, securing admissions with scholarship and providing help in visa processing, forecasting living expenditure, accommodation, educational loan etc.

  • 80% tuition grant
  • Eligible for permanent residency
  • Job after graduation
  • Part time job to meet living expenses

Singapore-a platform to exercise your efforts

The Singapore education system aims to help their students develop their potential and by instilling sound moral values, help nurture citizens who care for both their family and country. Singapore’s strategic location as well as its small but dynamic population characterized by a penchant for excellence has contributed to its rapid economic development. Proactive high level government support coupled with political and social stability, good financial services, excellent international communications and transportation, industrial infrastructure and an English speaking skilled workforce have all helped the nation to attract foreign investments and many multinational companies. As a result, Singaporeans enjoy a relatively high standard of living.

Simple reasons to study in Singapore

  • Close to home (India)
  • Security-safe & crime free country
  • Disciplined Nation, known internationally
  • No food problem
  • An organized city.
  • Multicultural Multiracial.
  • Many more advantages and opportunities
  • 80% scholarship
  • Well connected by Air From Trivandrum/Kochi/Bangalore / Calicut & Chennai and Colombo.
  • Opportunities for higher Education
  • Graduation may pursue higher studies locally and abroad. Singapore is a key that open doors to a variety of new opportunities for all graduates.


  • Aerospace Avionics
  • Aerospace Engineering (Quality Systems)
  • Biomedical Electronics
  • Civil Aviation
  • Digital Entertainment Electronics
  • Industrial and Operations Management
  • Micro and Nanotechnology
  • Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Electronics, computer & communication Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Digital &Precision Engineering

School of Applied Science

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Science
  • Materials Science
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

School of Information and Communications Technology

  • Business Applications
  • Business Information Systems
  • Interactive and Digital Media
  • Information Technology
  • IT Service Management

School of Technology for the Arts

  • Design for Interactivity
  • Game Design
  • New Media
  • Sonic Arts
  • Technology and Arts Management
  • School of Sports, Health and Leisure
  • Sports and Exercise Sciences
  • Sports and Leisure Management

Services & Fee

Schools under the ministry of education in Singapore do not support us in any financial aid such promotion, advertising or any other expenses. There is no remuneration from any of the MOE schools. Hence the commercial service is paid by the successful students who are offered admission by the institution. Therefore, a fee will be collected from the successful students to cover our expenses incurred in the admission process. Once the offer letter is issued to the successful students, our offices in India / Singapore will invoice the students. The services include:

  • Helps to obtain student pass & Disembarkation / Embarkation card (of 3 YEARS validity).
  • Assist to do a complete Medical Check-up in Singapore (which is Mandatory).
  • Source and Confirm accommodation plans as per the student's request prior to their departure.
  • Orientation & familiarization of programs of the Singapore Society, Culture and Tradition.
  • Assist to achieve an understanding of the Do's & Don'ts of Singapore rules.
  • Arrange with landlord, the terms & conditions of the student’s accommodation to ensure Comfort & Security.
  • Arrangements to fetch students from Singapore Airport. And to transport them to their respective homes.
  • Assist to open a Bank Account in Singapore.
  • Advice & Counsel the student in Singapore for 30 Days to ensure a smooth settlement.
  • Ensured Guardianship for the student until graduation and even for any other assistance or EMERGENCY throughout the year.

Application procedure

  • Photocopies of educational &extra-curricular certificates (6 sets)
  • Passport size photographs (6 No’s)

Tuition grants for international students

Most of the institutions offer full - time diploma program meson full fee paying scheme and tuition grant scheme. Eligible International students may apply for the Singapore Tuition Grant (TG) after they have successfully matriculated. Recipients under this TG scheme receive a subsidy, which is a substantial portion of their full tuition fees, from the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Singapore.

Terms and conditions for tuition grant

Non-Singaporeans are required to sign a Tuition Grant Agreement together with two eligible sureties, in the presence of MOE representatives. Sureties staying overseas can sign the agreement in the presence of a Notary Public in their home countries. Under the terms of the tuition grant, these students are required to work in Singapore or Singapore registered overseas companies for a minimum of three years upon graduation. Besides enabling them to discharge some of their obligations for tuition grant to the Singapore public for the high subsidy of their education paid out of public funds, the bond will also help them secure employment upon the completion of their courses.

Important information

  • Living expenses: On an average, you budget should range from $300 to $500(Singapore dollars) per month for food, hostel, and transport and for other miscellaneous needs.
  • Purchase of laptop: It is advisable for the student to own a laptop of his/her own as the teaching is conducted via e-learning environment in most of the educational institutes in Singapore.

Student pass

As an international student, one will require a student pass to remain in Singapore during the course of his/her studies in Singapore. The institution will issue an in-principal approval letter to the student which should be brought mandatorily to the

Medical Examination

  • Successful applicants upon the receivable of acceptance from the institute,, should attend a medical examination.
  • The medical examination can either be done in your home country or in Singapore by a qualified doctor. A medical report form will be sent to you along with the matriculation package. A copy of the medical form can also be obtained from the ICA office or any medical examination centres in Singapore.


  • full-time / part-time

In Singapore

  • As a student-pass holder, you are not allowed to work more than 16 hours per week. Upon completion of the first semester of studies, you may request for permission from the institution to enable you to engage in part-time employment. In the event of unanticipated financial difficulties, you may apply for a maximum of one year of deferment from studies so that you can work full-time in your second year. Please note that the approval is subjected to the conditions as stipulated by the institution and that the students are to find their own employment. Deferment from studies to work full-time is allowed only once throughout the whole course of studies.
  • After completing at least one semester (4 months) of studies, only those students who have done well in academics and co-curricular activities may work as part timers.
  • A settlement of your dreams:
  • job after graduation
  • The Government of Singapore offers 80% Scholarship for international students, called the Tuition grant. This alluring policy on education enables the students to pay only 20% of their tuition fee per year which has to be paid in two installments.. The rest 80% amount of the tuition grant will be paid to the Singapore institution by the Ministry of Education. Once the students accept the tuition grant, he/she will have to work in Singapore for a period of 3 years after graduation
  • Problem-based learning, a boom .
  • ALWIS Priyangi Anupama is a graduate from Republic Polytechnic's Diploma in Biomedical Sciences and Advanced Diploma in Biomedical Sciences.
  • Priyangi was offered two scholarships to pursue further studies at Monash University in Australia through the International Programme in Biomedical Sciences (IPBMS) and graduated with a first class honours degree.
  • For her hard work, Priyangi was rewarded with another two scholarships from the university to pursue her PhD in Microbiology, in which she specializes in the study of the pathogenic bacterium, Burkholderiapseudomallei.
  • Priyangi credits RP's Problem-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy for her fierce streak of independence. Her computer broke down recently and she managed to fix it by searching online via Google. Friends think of her as a super genius, but Priyangi simply attributed this to her love for problem solving.
  • 'What we learn (at RP) is how to think and how to learn. For instance, if you're given a problem, what do you do first, how do you work through it and if you need information, where do you go? “We learn that there are many ways to solve a problem and through repetition and practice, these skills will stay with us for the long term , said Priyangi.
  • While Priyangi acknowledges that there is a difference in the education system between India Singapore, the transition has nevertheless been smooth. “I picked up a skill at RP and learnt that there is a new method of studying that allows me to practise creative thinking. Back at RP, we learnt to solve problems every day. Over here at Môn ash, it is similar. The same problem-solving culture comes in handy everywhere, every time”, she added.
  • The International Programme in Biomedical Sciences (IPBMS) is the result of a collaborative effort put forth by Republic Polytechnic and the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences and Monash University (in Australia). It offers polytechnic students who are in the field of biomedical sciences, an additional pathway to gain degrees. RP students who obtain good grades will be able to complete both the DBMS as well as the Advanced Diploma in Biomedical Sciences (ADBMS) within three years at RP.



Republic Polytechnic, commonly abbreviated to RP, is a tertiary institution located in Singapore run by the Ministry Of Education (MOE), Singapore. It was the first school system in Singapore to use Problem-based learning (PBL) pedagogy for all its diplomas. RP believes in maximizing students’ learning experience and has designed its curriculum to inculcate critical thinking, communications and problem-solving skills through its Problem-based Learning (PBL) pedagogy. Students are given problem statements in class, which are often presented in real world contexts related to their modules or their diploma programmes. Working in teams, students will explore, analyze, and develop a solution or a response to the problem statement. In the process, RP students need to draw on their prior knowledge, integrate new knowledge and skills and apply their collective know-how in order to meet the requirements of the problem statement to tackle the issues. Such highly contextualised and authentic learning experience therefore enables students to acquire and internalize a range of cognitive competencies and industry-ready skills, and stand them in good stead when they transit to the workforce upon graduation.

  • Republic Polytechnic (RP) is a public funded institute of higher training established as per as an Act passed in Singapore Parliament.
  • 100% fully owned by the Government.
  • About 15,000 students are currently studying in RP in which more than 1000 are foreigners.
  • All the courses are job-oriented such as Engineering, Applied Sciences, Business, etc.
  • Up-to date international syllabus.
  • Thousands of Indian graduates who are now Permanent Residency holders in Singapore.
  • International food court in which Indian cuisines are widely available too.
  • Well-furnished hostels which are provided inside the campus.

School of Applied Science

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Biotechnology (R16)
  • Environmental Science (R29)
  • Materials Science (R17)
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences (R22)
  • Marine Science and Aquaculture (R53)

School of Engineering

  • Aerospace Avionics (R20)
  • Aerospace Engineering (R40)
  • Aviation Management (R39)
  • Common Engineering Programme (R42)
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (R50)
  • Engineering Design with Business (R56)
  • Engineering Systems and Management (R54)
  • Industrial and Operations Management (R11)
  • Green Building Energy Management (R41)
  • Supply Chain Management (R21)

School of Infocomm

  • Business Applications (R18)
  • Business Information Systems (R13)
  • Information Technology (R12)
  • Interactive and Digital Media (R31)
  • Infocomm Security Management (R55)
  • IT Service Management (R23)
  • Mobile Software Development (R47)

School of Technology for the Arts

  • Design for User Experience (R36)
  • Game Design (R35)
  • Media Production and Design (R19)
  • Sonic Arts (R24)
  • Arts and Theatre Management (R25)
  • FIRST SEMESTER FEE                    APPROX.2,25,000 INR


  • CAMPUS HOSTEL-RENTAL                APPROX.1,130,000 INR

  • (FOR 6 MONTHS)




    (FOR 6 MONTHS)


The BCA academy is the education and research arm of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore. Founded in 1984 as the Construction Industry Training Centre (CITC), its main role was the training of craft workers for the rapidly growing construction industry. BCA academy is one among the listed institutions of The Ministry Of Education, Singapore (MOE) to pursue continuous education after O-level and A-level education, but it has been regulated and run by other government ministries of MND (Ministry of National Development). The graduates of BCA academy have equal opportunities as the polytechnic graduates to pursue their higher studies in Singapore as well as overseas universities.

Today, the BCA Academy is probably the only institution in the world that provides a full range of training and education programmes tailored to meet the diverse needs of the building industry at all levels. A range of industry-specific diploma and degree programmes are offered by educational institutions affiliated with other government agencies. These institutions include the BCA Academy, the education and research arm of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), which offers full- time diploma programmes, as well as other courses, seminars and workshops, in construction, design and engineering. The BCA ensures that the students get tuition grant in the form of Scholarship and Sponsorship.


  • Full waiver of course fee for 2ndand 3rdyear
  • Monthly allowance of S$900
  • 2 years bond for every year of scholarship
  • Min starting salary is S$2,200 per month
  • Post-Diploma development opportunities


  • Annual allowance of S$7,000
  • 1 year bond for every year of sponsorship
  • Min starting salary is S$2,200 per month
  • Post-Diploma development opportunities
Courses Offered

1. Construction Engineering

Focuses on design, construction and management of building projects. This qualification is recognised for Resident-Technical-Officer (RTO) registration under the Building Control Act.

Career prospects-

  • Resident Technical Officer
  • Site Engineer
  • Sales Engineer

2. Construction Information Technology

Focus on the use of 3D technolog in the construction industry .Graduates will acquire knowledgeand skills on• Building and ConstructionTechnology• Building Services• Building Design using Building Information Modeling (BIM) • 3D Modeling and visualization • Digital Media Presentation

Career prospects-

  • BIM Specialist
  • Building Information Modeller

3. Design(Interior & Landscape)

Provides foundation knowledge in landscape and interior design with an emphasis on designing and managing decorative and display projects.

Career prospects-

  • Interior Designer
  • Lanscape Designer

4. Electrical Engineering & Clean Energy

Graduates are trained with knowledge and skills in design, operation & maintenance of electrical services .Perform energy auditing works design & commission of photovoltaic systems conservation & optimisation of energy usage in buildings.

Career prospects-

  • Renewable Energy Technologists
  • Energy Technology Consultants

5. Mechanical Engineering(Green Building Technology)

Training in M & E building services with emphasis on Green Building Technology. Equips students with the fundamental knowledge and specialised skills to assist engineers in carrying out design, fabrication, modification & commissioning of green facilities

Career prospects-

  • Assistant Engineer
  • Site Supervisor

6. Quantity Surveying

Graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills in • Building technology and various methods of construction• Reading and understanding drawings and specifications.• Performing accurate quantity taking off and compile Bills of Quantities.• Knowledge on various forms of Conditions of Contract.• Basic knowledge on law with emphasis on building law.• Soft skills to develop good Emotional Quotient (EQ) in managing relationship.• Training to inculcate professionalism and good work ethics.• Basic knowledge in computer drafting and BIM

Career prospects-

  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator

7. Strategic Facilities Management

Focuses on nurturing graduates with the knowledge and practical skills to: Manage and maintain green buildings. Create an environment that meets human physiological needs. Plan, organize and manage events

Career prospects-

  • Event Organizer
  • Technical Specialist

Diploma in Construction Engineering graduates can gain admission to:

  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) - BE (Civil)
  • SIM University (Singapore) - B Const Mgt
  • James Cook University - BE (Civil)
  • University of Adelaide - BE (Civil)
  • University of Wollongong - BE (Civil)
  • University of New South Wales - B Const Mgt

Diploma in Design (Interior and Landscape) graduates can gain admission to:

  • Curtin University of Technology
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • University of Huddersfield-NAFA
  • University of Technology, Sydney

Diploma in Strategic Facilities Management graduates can gain admission to:

  • Curtin University of Technology
  • SIM University (Singapore)
  • University of Technology, Sydney

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Green Building Technology) graduates can gain admission to:

  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) - BE (Mechanical)
  • University of Adelaide - BE (Mechanical)
  • University of Adelaide - BE (Architectural)
  • University of Technology, Sydney

Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Clean Energy graduates can gain admission to:

  • University of Technology, Sydney

Diploma in Construction Information Technology graduates can gain admission to:

  • University of Technology, Sydney

Why Indian students should take up the BCA programme?

  • In India, the real estate and construction industry is booming day-by day for which internationally trained professionals are required to meet up its aiming credibility and standards. India still follows conventional type of educational system especially for construction engineering. Therefore, the aspirants have to be coped up with up- to-date international learning systems along practical training which is available only in foreign countries like Singapore.
  • Other area to point out is that Gulf countries such as Dubai who has been already established for its magnificent construction marvels is seeking for highly trained construction-based graduates for the 2020 World Expo. They require technically well-advanced and managerial people from that field which can be supplemented by the BCA academy graduates
  • Doha, Qatar is an another destination to point out who attracts highly trained international professionals in construction field to be a part of the upcoming infrastructure works inorder to host the World Cup 2022
  • Last but not the least, Singapore has a vision to implement Total Sustainable Green Energy by 2030, for which the country requires various immensely qualified designers and renewable energy technologists.

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